Hudini – The market leader in Digital Hospitality, launches Spain operations

PRESS RELEASE: Barcelona, 27 August, 2020

Hudini, the leading software for digitizing and contactless hospitality continues its global expansion with the launch of operations launching in Spain to better serve the European hospitality demand.

The entry into the Spanish hospitality market begins with the appointment of Jairo Romo Marugan as Hudini Brand Ambassador for the country. It furthers Hudini’s mission to be the digital hospitality standard.

“Having launched with marquee customers in the UK, Middle East, US and Australia we are very excited to bring our digital hospitality portfolio and expertise closer  to our Spanish customers. Our digital transformation helps hotels provide contactless, multi-channel guest engagement services in just weeks. Our platform protects and preserves existing technology investments while helping achieve their transformation goals at an incredibly low cost” said Joe Nalkara, co-founder and Board member, Hudini Inc.


Hudini was founded in 2018 by Prince Thampi who envisioned the future of hospitality experience to be fast, digital and easy to use for people throughout the world. Hudini comes with 125 integrations with industry leading vendors like Oracle, Samsung, Apple, In for, Honeywell, LG, Alcatel etc making the delivery of digital guest experience and hotel services fast and risk free. Hudini is in use at more than 50 properties across nine countries, becoming one of the most respected and influential startups in the digital transformation ecosystem.

“We wanted to move people away from the rigidly traditional, old-fashioned systems—one that was actually a cause of stress for so many. Guests want to engage a hotel using their mobile, in-room device or even the TV. We give them a multi-channel option while providing hotel operators real-time guest behavior data for personalizing offers and services in real-time” said Prince Thampi, CEO of Hudini Inc.

Hudini is a digital transformation hub that loops together all of the property’s software apps, in-room devices and communications infrastructure to radically improve guest experience, strengthen organization processes by digitization and create an innovation ecosystem to transform the enterprise..

“Spain is such a major tourism hub with a diverse brand of hotels. But the industry is in immediate need of going digital and providing a low-touch, contactless, safe and secure engagement for guests. Hudini addresses these transformation needs with a world-class product that can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively” commented Jairo Romo Marugan, Hudini Brand Ambassador for Spain.

Hudini’s passion continues to build on the fundamental principles of hospitality, while also serving the modern-day individual. It’s robust, rialable and nimble enough to adapt to change and design new offers at short notice.

Hudini is the leading digital transformation platform for the hospitality industry. With mores than 100 prebuilt integrations with the most widely used software, hardware and communications solution, the Hudini middleware platform delivers mobile, smart device, TV and voice-based access to a hotel’s services and products. The Hudini middleware platform not only preserves a property’s existing technology investments but by looping together the different technology assets delivers valuable data collaboration for a rich guest engagement. With Hudini, the digital transformation of any property or group of properties for low-touch, contactless guest services is possible in just weeks.


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