Hudini Secure a newly released platform to enable hoteliers and their guests to access instant health and hygiene updates before, during and after their stay.


Hudini Secure, a new platform from Hudini that has been designed to help hotel operators continue to provide the highest standards of Health, Hygiene and Safety information for their Guests and Team members in this new COVID-19 low touch and socially distance world.

Hudini, the leading guest engagement platform provider has released Hudini Secure, a new suite of health and hygiene applications to help hotel operators provide their guests and team members with the information needed to rest and work safely during their stay. Hudini’s native data driven aggregation tools quickly allow you to retrieve and display essential health and hygiene related updates and deliver important information directly to your guests and employees throughout your property and beyond. 

Hudini Secure, quickly and seamlessly integrates with your existing housekeeping platforms, enabling hotel operators to provide instant, on demand and data driven health and hygiene updates on the steps and processes being undertaken to care for and protect their guests and team members wellbeing in public and high touch points throughout their stay.

Hudini Secure, automatically collects and displays important information such as the time your guests’ room was last cleaned, by who, the sanitization, cleaning and disinfecting products used; and when the room was last checked by your facilities management.

Hudini Secure, has been designed to provide you and your guests with instant access to health, hygiene and well-being information that is delivered directly via our Guest and Hotel Management User Interfaces to your mobile devices, tablets, in-room TV’s and wearables, clearly displaying the important information necessary to help you, your guests and team members feel Secure in these hygiene conscious, low contact, socially distanced times.

Hudini CEO Prince Thampi said, “The post COVID world will demand cleaner and safer accommodation for hotel guests as well as a controlled and safe working environment for team members”

“To help our clients deliver these services in a post COVID world we have been working closely with our hotel and platform partners on ways in which Hudini can play a role in helping provide a safe and Secure environment. Hudini  Secure is a digital, contactless platform that delivers the cleanliness and hygiene information needed for service providers and guests to rest and work in peace”

“Our guest engagement platform enables hotels and guests to instantly access essential information and updates on cleaning and sanitization services before, during and after their stay by providing them with the physical and mental comfort guests need to work, rest and play. By design Hudini Secure connects all aspects of your guests’ journey, enabling you to continue delivering high value services whilst connecting with your guests digitally in this new low touch, low contact, socially distanced world as they continue to invest in ways in which to make their properties a safer, more Secure and protected environment” said Prince Thampi.

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About Hudini 

Hudini , is a market leading digital enablement platform that connects the three stages of a guests’ journey – pre stay, during and post stay with your three core areas of operation, your front office, middle and back offices, delivering valuable data and user driven insights, services and value throughout the entire client lifecycle and value chain. Hudini is a cloud-hosted application that is simple to deploy and designed to seamlessly integrate easily with your existing infrastructure, connecting your existing platforms and applications via our native middleware application, API’s, message bus and data mining and storage applications.

Hudini is a SaaS platform, multi-tenant by design, highly scalable and secure that delivers a wide range of value added services and multilingual content direct to your guest via the cloud connecting quickly and easily to most of the leading hospitality platforms available via over 50 pre-built API’s enabling you to redefine your guest’s experience with smart, personalized services and solutions that pave the way for extremely high levels of low touch, low contact customer engagement and satisfaction across the entire client value chain via mobile devices, TV’s, tablets, and wearables.